College Elves


With a film project for Ukraine

With the College Elves project we want to a) raise funds for Ukraine b) keep awareness high and c) offer Ukrainian refugees the opportunity to work in the film project and make an important contribution to integration as part of the international team.

Collecting money for

„Stand With Ukraine Foundation“

Be brave - stand with Ukraine.

How does it work?

The money for the project comes from crowdfunding, which will start in 2023. However, we are faced with the dilemma that money raised in crowdfunding might be better donated to Ukraine right away. To solve this, we are launching an international company fundraising in crowdfunding, where companies donate an amount of cents determined by them to our cooperation partner Stand With Ukraine Foundation for every euro reached in crowdfunding. Perhaps you know the principle from the sponsored run at your children's school.

Our goal: Through the participation of the companies, even a higher amount is collected for the people in Ukraine per donated euro in crowdfunding. The money from the company fundraising is transferred directly to the Stand With Ukraine Foundation, so that the funds are clearly separated from those in crowdfunding and the Foundation as an NGO can also issue a donation receipt.

The company funding will multiply the amount of money donated in our crowdfunding and send it directly to Stand with Ukraine Foundation.

Schatten unter Teamfotos.

Pictures from the  College Elves Comic drawn by Janina Robben

Whats next?

We start with a PR campaign, followed by crowdfunding to generate viewership, fundraising and film financing. Then we produce College Elves (fantasy film: pilot and 6 episodes). During filming, we will cast at least 20% of the crew and 10% of the actors with Ukrainians (maybe more) and try to integrate them into the film job market.

Once the shooting is finished, we'll host a big online premiere and try to break the record for most viewers at a YouTube premiere. In the premiere we will include an appeal for donations for Ukraine (interview with affected people in the countdown, insertion of an appeal for donations and the permanent donation link) and thus aim to raise funds for Ukraine.

We will then use the distribution of the episodes as video on demand to pay for the cast and crew.

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